Jimmy's Down The Street Weekly Specials

(We'll try to update this weekly – some items may not be available due to supply and demand constraints – please don't try to hold us to this list!)

Monday Sept. 8th   

    Huckleberry Sweet Cream Crepes

     Jimmy's Burger & Fries:

Tuesday, Sept. 9th

    Spinach Broccoli Bacon Scramble:

    Bacon Chicken Ranch Wrap:

Wednesday Sept. 10th

   Meat Lover's Scramble:

   House-made Pulled Pork Sandwich

Thursday Sept. 11th

  Taco Salad:

   Meatloaf Sandwich:      

Friday Sept. 12th

   Huckleberry Pancake Combo:

   Beer-Battered Cod Platter:

Saturday Sept 13th

  Jimmy's Skillet:

  Mushroom Swiss Burger: 

Sunday Sept 14th

   Strawberry Waffle Combo:

   Chili Burger & Fries with Side Salad:



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